Best Video Editing Software Free Download for Vloggers

Are you a Vlogger? Or are you into one form of video editing or the other? Then you will definitely need a video editing software to be at the top of your game. In this post, I have tried to make things a little bit easier for you, as I have compiled a list of 5 best video editing software for Windows which you can actually download to your PC for free and start using from today. Some work online, so you can actually read this whole piece to make your preferred choice.

From using a smartphone camera to handheld action cameras like GoPro, everyone now records more of live videos than ever before. Either you want to save the record3d footage for yourself or uploading them to your YouTube channel, knowing how to edit a video is a skill everyone should have at this age. What I am trying to say is simple, editing your footage into a professional-looking video for viewers is the way to go.

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But the big question is, how do you edit a video? If you want to get the job done easily, then editing on your computer is sure the best way to go.

Though we have many video editing software and apps which are used by professionals and knowledgeable video editors, they sad news is that they are extremely expensive for beginners who are just starting out. I see no reason for you to waste your money on software or an app that you will not fully utilize. There are many free video editing software for Windows in the year 2020 which you can start using today to polish up your video clips before publishing them on your YouTube channel. I have compiled the 5 best video editing software free download for Vloggers right here in this post.

Best Video Editing Software Free Download for Vloggers

So, if you want to start your Vlogging career, these are the best video editing software for Vloggers in 2020.

Best Video Editing Software for Vloggers – Top 5 for Windows

The following are the 5 best video editing software for Windows which you can download for free to use online.


If you are looking for a good and free video editing software for Windows, it is difficult to find something better than Lightworks. It is a freemium video editing software that allows users to edit professional-looking videos without paying a single cent. As a non-linear editor (NLE), it is the only free and best video editing software on this list that can be compared to apps like Premiere Pro or Avid.

You cannot really tell if Lightworks is free software, as it is packed with features that will make you wonder how it can possibly be free.

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If you do not prefer Lightworks, then there are other best video editing software you can download for free. The next on this list is Shortcut, which is another Windows application for those who want power. Shortcut looks and feels different from the others because it started as a Linux application. Though it has recently been converted to Windows application, it still retains the Linux look and feels.

Shortcut comes with a huge list of filters, transitions, effects and more which you can add to your videos. The audio part is well taken care of too. Though the interface and features take a while to get used to, once you do, you will be creating professional videos in no time.


Blender is another best video editing software that is also free, but this time used online. It is open-source and is primarily a 3D modeling product that also works very well with video. Blender is mostly used by NASA, The History Channel, and helped create effects in Spiderman 2. That is to show you how good it is.

While Blender is a 3D program, the video editor included to it is very important and has lots of effects, compositing tools, transitions, corrections, and editing tools, plus a whole lot more.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is simply Microsoft’s answer to Movie, and it is a credible video editing tool for Windows users. Though it is not as in-depth as Lightworks and Blender, it is great for editing videos too.

Windows Movie Maker uses drag and drop timelines and has few effects you can use to spice up your video. There are also transitions, connections, audio tools and lots more, and all are entirely free. It is part of the now-defunct Microsoft Essentials pack. Windows Movie Maker has been delisted by Microsoft, but you can still find download links online.

VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor is an accessible and useful tool for people who just want to edit a quick video and do not have time to spend long periods to master an application. It is simple, yet powerful, intuitive and very straightforward software for editing videos. That does not mean it does not have lots of tricks up its sleeve because it actually does.

There are lots of features in VideoPad Video Editor. It has tons of tools, audio tricks, transitions, and effects. There are also lots of camera and video optimization features. Though it is not as in-depth as Lightworks or Blender, you can still use it to create excellent videos. It is ideal for someone who just wants to play around with a video editor, but still, produce something decent. r


There are lots of best video editing software for Windows you can download for free or use online, but these are what I consider to be the best free video editing software that is available for PC users right now. Each of them delivers a solid video editing experience with different levels of complexity. You can definitely choose from any one of them.

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