Hotels in Umuahia and Their Prices With Addresses in Abia State, Nigeria

Are you planning for a business trip to Umuahia, the capital city of Abia state in Nigeria? Or maybe there are other casual appointments that is bringing you down to the city and you might want to spend a night or two until when you are done, then you will surely need the services or a hotel room. In this post, I took my time to list out the 83 hotels in Umuahia and their prices in Nigerian currency. You will also see the facilities offered by the hotels and their different addresses in Umuahia, the capital city of Abia state in Nigeria.

Before you get to the point where you will see the list of hotels in Umuahia and their prices, let me first of all introduce you to some facts about the state. This can get you acquainted with the adventure you are about to explore. especially if you are a stranger in this town.

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Few Facts about Abia State

Abia is one of the south eastern state in Nigeria, populated by the igbo-speaking tribe. It is also among the oil-producing Niger Delta States in Nigeria. The capital of Abia state is Umuahia, and it is one of the city you should visit whenever you are in this part of the country. The land in Abia state are very fertile, and is makes farming to be a dominant occupation amongst its indigenes. If you are in Abia, there are lots of places you can actually hang out to catch your fun.

Accommodation in Umuahia, Abia State

Accommodation is Umuahia is quite affordable. Though are some five start hotels in the state, you will also find some cheap hotels in Umuahia that won’t cost you much if you decide to spend a night or two. If you want to enjoy the best of hotels in the state, I will advise you to stay in the capital city of Umuahia or the metropolitan city of Aba. If you choose to stay in the state’s capital, then let me show you the list of hotels in Umuahia and their prices.

Hotels in Umuahia and Their Prices With Addresses in Abia State, Nigeria

Hotels in Umuahia and Their Prices, Facilities With Addresses

Below is the list of hotels in Umuahia and their prices you will pay per night. You will also see their addresses, which makes it easier for you to locate any of your choice in Umuahia.

1 . Hotel Royal Damgrete 13/14 Factory Road, GRA, Umuahia Internet, Restaurant, Pool, Bar


2 Eastern Comfort Hotels


134/136 Aba Road, Umuahia Restaurant, Bar




3 Rapha Hotels Ltd


1 Rapha Avenue By Secretariat Road Restaurant, Bar ₦5,300


4 Hotel Helson


66/71 Asaba Street, Amuzukwu Layout Restaurant, Bar




5 Villa Roy Hotels 19 Mission Hill Bar




6 Smile More Hotel Km 4 Ikot Ekpene Road, After Zone 9 Police HQ Ehimiri Housing Estate Restaurant, Bar




7 Kolping Society Guest House World Bank Housing , Opposite Holy Ghost Secondary School, Agbama Estate Restaurant , Bar




8 Shelton Hotels Ltd 50C Mission Hill, Umuahia, Nigeria Restaurant, Bar, Gym


9 Benac Hotels


Plot 187 Aguiyi Ironsi Layout, Along B.C.A Road Pool, Bar




10 Gado International Hotels 59 Mission Hil, Umuahia, Nigeria. Restaurant, Bar




11 De Merit Executive Suite 2 Amaimo Eziama Ossa, Umuahia, Nigeria Restaurant, Bar




12 Empire Hotels & Towers 138 Government Layout Avenue Restaurant, Pool




13 Pet Mobel Hotel


Winners Chapel Way Off Ikot Ekpene Expressway, New Government Station Layout Restaurant, Bar ₦3,000
14 Hotel Macbek Limited Secretariat Road Restaurant, Bar


15 Chaise World Hotels Km 8 Umuahia-Ikot Ekpene Road, Agbaoba Oboro, Ikwuano, Nigeria Bar, Gym




16 New Edge Hotel 113 Aba Road, Umuahia, Nigeria Restaurant, Bar ₦5,400
17 Master Suites 15 Omama Layout, BCA Road, Umuahia, Nigeria ₦7,000


18 Felina Hotels 52 Aba Road Restaurant, Bar ₦6,020


19 Choppy Hotel Ogbodiukwu Umuopara Abia Tower, Umuahia Nigeria Restaurant, Bar




20 Hotel Helson Ltd Eziama Ossah Umuahia North LGA Restaurant,  Bar ₦4,000


21 Lakewood Hotel 190 Aba Road Restaurant, Bar




22 Dave Michael Hotel 7 Aba Road Opposite F.M.C Restaurant, Bar




23 Royal Nordic Suites 26 Ikot Ekpene Road, Umuahia, Nigeria Restaurant



24 Elliots 52 School Road Opposite Umuahia Township Stadium ₦6,000


25 SBRC Guest House House 14, Road 3, Area 1, Agbama World Bank Housing Estate ₦5,000


26 Tower Garden Hotel Umuahia Aba, Express Tower Restaurant, Bar




27 Ohama Suites Limited 52 School Road, Opposite Stadium Restaurant, Bar




28 6th April Rendezous Hotel Off NNPC Filling Station Mission Hill. Bar




29 Pat-Toria Int’L Hotel  11 Aba Road Bar




30 Benny-Aris Resort Limited New Goverment Layout, Opposite Abia State House Of Assembly ₦6,500


31 Dechyzz Hotel & Exclusive Umuakaka Nkata, Afarata Ibeku Unknown
32 Vanderry Hotel & Suites Umuahia 1 Vanderry Road, Amanwoke Junction Opposite Amara Sweet Filling Station Internet, Restaurant, Bar




33 Mankon Motel Isiekwe Ibekwe, Umuahia Restaurant, Bar




34 Emekings Marriot Hotels Plot 1000 Umuahia-Owerri Road, Eziama Ossah Restaurant, Bar




35 Cocktails Hotels Mgbaja Junction Bar ₦2,500


36 De Grand Apartment 52 School Road,Opposite Umuahia Township Stadium Unknown
37 De-paragon View Hotel No 8 Paragon Road Umuobia Off Aba Road Umuahia ₦6,000


38 Noble Hotels Limited 30 Ikot, Ekpene


Bar ₦2,520
39 Phelicia Mid-City Suites Umuokomiri Obehie Asa, Umuahia, Abia State Restaurant, Bar




40 Terykel Hotels 1, Brown Close Off Asaga Road, Ebem Ohafia Internet, Restaurant, Bar




41 Heart Beat Hotels Limited 2 Oha Lane/Ojike Lane, Off 11 Milverton Avenue, Ojike Lane Restaurant, Bar




42 Upper Graceland Hotels Off Aguiyi Ironsi Layout, Ugba, Ibeku Restaurant, Bar




43 Novotel International Hotel 62 Mission Hill ₦3,500


44 Sahara Hotels No 2 Oji Nwaeze Close Apumiri Laguru Ubakala Unknown
45 Solid Souls Hotels 24, Iroegbu Street , Off 84 Ukaegbu Street/Off 27 New Umuahia Road, Ogborhill, Restaurant, Pool, Bar, Gym




46 Abomarc Suite Uzuakoli Road, Umuahia, Abia State ₦6,400
47 Jurys Hotel Limited Plot 25, World Bank Housing Estate, Umuahia, Abia State Unknwn
48 Mary Grace Hotels And Suites No. 7, Holy Ghost Street, Umuahia, Abia State ₦3,499
49 Green Polo Hotel Alaocha Road, Umuahia, Abia State Unknown
50 Harriet Regency And Suites N0. I, Macaulay Street, Umuahia, Abia State Unknown


52 Royal Class Hotel 16a, Item Street, Umuahia Bar ₦1,200
53 A Plus Suite Avodim Town, Off Ubakala Junction, Umuahia, Ubakala Internet, Bar ₦6,500


54 6th April Rendevous Hotel Mission Hill, Umuahia


Restaurant, Bar




55 Langen Palace Resort 129 Aguiyi Ironsi Layout, Umuahia Restaurant, Bar




56 Tevidon Hotel Ukome Road, Off Bende Road, Isieke Housing Estate, Umuahia, Restaurant, Bar




57 D Glad Hotels Limited Off Nkata Road Okwuta-Ibeku, Umuahia Restaurant, Bar




58 Fresh Delight Hotel 2 Alvan Okoronkwo Street, Umuahia




59 WISS CASTLE HOTELS 1, Wiss Castle Drive, Off Factory Road Beside Emeka Omerua Guest House Internet, Restaurant, Pool, Bar


60 Apricot Hotels And Suite 73 Aba Rd, Umuahia Restaurant, Bar


61 Apumiri Guest House Amuzu, Ubakala, Umuahia Bar ₦3,000


62 Geraobi Hotels 1, Abalaogu Njinkonye Street, Umuahia Internet, Restaurant, Bar


63 Linpet Guesthouse 45 Asaga Road, Umuahia Bar


64 Yaro Hotels And Suites Km 3/4 Aba Express Road, Mission Hill, Abia Tower


Bar ₦2,500


65 Express Guest House Off Apumiri Ubakalu Road, Umuahia South, Umuahia Restaurant, Bar




66 Super Golden Rest House Along Laguru Road, Umuahia


Bar ₦3,000


67 Cassino Guest House Along Ubakala Road, Umuahia Bar ₦2,500


68 Bende Local Government Guest House Along Umuahia Ohafia Road, Bende Restaurant, Bar




69 Ikemba Inn Km 9 Ikot-Ekpene Road, Umuahia Bar ₦3,500


70 Bello Hotel 8, Emeka Offor Drive, Umuahia Restaurant, Bar




71 Euchy’s Guest House Along Umuana/Loudu Road, Umuahia Bar ₦3,500


72 Starbest Global Hotel And Suites Garube Layout, Umuahia Internet, Restaurant, Bar


73 Jon-Kel International Hotel Mile 2, Umuahia-Ikot Ekpene Road, Umuahia Restaurant, Bar




74 Kemas Don Hotel 6 Ikwechigh Crescent , Onu Ibinaukwu Igbere Restaurant, Bar




75 Ges Motel Along Obikabia Road, Obikabia Bar ₦1,800


76 Oncogit Hotel Along Afugiri-Umuahia Road, Afugiri Restaurant, Bar




77 Gina Hotel And Suites Ltd


52 Uwalaka Street, Umuahia Restaurant, Bar


78 Taurus Hotels Ltd 47 Ojike Street, Umuahia


Bar ₦5,000


79 Bright Hotel Ihie Ndume, Umuahia Bar ₦2,000


80 To God Be The Glory Guest House Off Umuafai-Ndume, Umuahia Bar ₦4,000


81 Graceland Hotel Off Nchinyi Amagodu, Abiriba Restaurant, Bar




82 Ohafia Guest House And Hotel 144 Arochukwu Road, Amaekpu-Ohafia, Ohafia Restaurant, Bar




83 Igboji Guest House Along Ozara-Bende Road, Bende Restaurant, Bar




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So, now you have seen all the hotels in Umuahia and their prices, select any of your choice and enjoy your stay in the capital city of Abia state. The prices listed as “unknown” cannot be validated at the moment. If you still need any other information, you can simply use the comment box below to make your query.

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