What is Screen Time on iPhone? Learn How to turn it Off and On

This post gives an insight of what Screen Time on iPhone is all about, and how to turn it off and on. This method can be used to checkmate the time you get your eyes glued to your iPhone screen and in general your smartphone addiction.

With new technology innovations been released daily, smartphones are getting smarter by the day. As a result of this, we humans are getting more addicted to these little devices. For instance, some people check their phone almost every minute to confirm notifications of get glued in the social media world. The worst aspect about phone addiction is that it can affect both teens and adult.

With all this been said, if you are making use of an iPhone, there is a feature called “screen time” that can be of help in reducing your phone addiction. If you feel the situation if finally under control, you can also turn off the feature and unchain your iPhone. Let me show you what it is all about and how you can turn off Screen Time on iPhone and also turn it on.

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What is Screen Time on iPhone? Learn How to turn it Off and On

What is Screen Time on IPhone?

Screen Time is a novelty feature for iOS devices. It was introduced along with the 12th generation of Apple’s mobile operating system. Apart from the iPhone, iPad amd iPod Touch users can also make use of it as well.

When the Screen Time on iPhone features is activated, it allows you to know how much time you have spent with your iOS devices and how you spent them. You can use this feature to adjust your phone-related habits.

Apart from monitoring the time spent, it also allows you to restrict your time with certain apps or the phone/tablet in general. The usage data is displayed in the form of weekly reports which are detailed and broken down into numerous categories.

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How to Turn Off Screen Time on iPhone

Screen Time is important if you want to introduce some order and limit the time you spend on the phone. But if you grow tired of it and you can easily turn it off. Below is how you can easily turn off Screen Time on iPhone.

  • Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone.
  • Tap on the Screen Time tab in the main section of the Settings menu.
  • Swipe all the way down to the bottom of the Screen Time page and tap on the Turn Off Screen Time tab.
  • Tap on the Turn Off Screen Time option once more to confirm your choice.

Immediately the Screen Time feature has been disabled, your iPhone will no longer track your activity. Also, it will not limit or prohibit further access to social networks, web browsers, YouTube, or other installed apps and features.

You should also bear in mind that while the Screen Time feature is active, your device will drain the battery faster than usual. This is more obvious the older your device is. So if you are looking for ways to extend your battery’s life, you might want to consider disabling Screen Time.

How to Turn Screen Time on iPhone Back On

In case you want to turn the Screen Time on iPhone feature back on, you can simply do that in a matter of seconds. Below is how you can re-enable this handy feature.

  • Launch the Settings app from your iPhone’s Home screen.
  • Tap on the Screen Time tab.
  • Once the Screen Time tab opens, tap on the Turn On Screen Time option.
  • Next, tap on the Continue option.
  • Finally, choose whose device it is. If it’s yours, select This is My iPhone. If it’s your kid’s, select the This is My Child’s iPhone option.

In case you are activating the Screen Time feature on your children’s device, you might also create settings that let you control and configure their phone from your device. By default, you will be able to control the Screen Time settings on your child’s phone from your phone through Family Sharing.

NOTE: When setting up Screen Time on your Child’s iPhone, select a passcode that differs from your device’s passcode. Here’s how to set or edit the passcode on the kid’s phone:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to Screen Time.
  • Next, tap on your kid’s name.
  • Tap on Change Screen Time Passcode to edit the passcode. Tap on the Turn Off Screen Time Passcode to turn it completely off.
  • When you’re done, you will have to authenticate the changes you made with Touch ID, Face ID, or your iPhone’s own passcode.

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How to Use Screen Time on iPhone

The new Screen Time feature can be customized in many ways. You can restrict specific sites of apps. You can even set time limits for each of them and assign time windows during the day when an app or feature will be available. Below are some explanation about Screen Time’s main features:

  1. You can see this Screen Time feature as the lock-down. When you set it and it activates, only selected apps and phone calls will remain available to the user, be it yourself or your child. Downtime applies to all devices where it is enabled. Don’t worry as you will be notified five minutes before Downtime begins.
  2. App Limits. App limits are there to limit or prevent your access to certain apps. For example, you might want to hide your social network apps and casual games while you work, leaving only business-related apps and features available.
  3. Always Allowed. This feature lets you pick apps that are always available, even during Downtime. For example, you might want to leave WhatsApp or Messenger on all the time if you’re expecting important calls or messages. By default, messages, phone, maps, and FaceTime don’t deactivate during Downtime. However, you can disable them if you want to.
  4. Privacy and Content Restrictions. You can prohibit you or your child’s device from displaying certain types of content. You can block adult images and videos, online purchases, or downloads.


Have you ever used the Screen Time on iPhone feature to limit you or your child’s phone usage? Does it turn out to be helpful after that? You can share your personal experience in the comment section below.

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