Scientists Invents Battery That Runs On Power Generated Through Saliva

Battery technology have evolved through diverse innovations over the years, from batteries with superfast charging support to batteries that charge using vegetables, we have seen them all. Now Scientists at Birmingham University have claimed to made a battery that literarily runs on saliva.

The group of researchers has been working on developing a new paper-based bacteria powered battery that has the ability to run on power generated through saliva. Specifically, a drop of saliva has the potential energy to power an LED bulb for up to 20 minutes.

Scientists Invents Battery That Runs On Power Generated Through Saliva

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This innovation was made possible with the help of exoelectrogens. Exoelectrogens are microorganisms that has the ability to transfer electrons from their cell walls to an electrode. And fortunately, saliva is all that is needed to fulfill this task. The only disadvantage with this process is that it takes some minutes for the organism to produce electricity.

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The exoelectrogens can also be frozen and stored for a longer period of time, for future use. They can be used in environments that has different challenges such as where the temperature is far from normal. Seokheun Choi a co-author of the study made it known that the battery technology will be beneficial for lots of developing countries that has fewer resources and harsh climates. The device can also aid the powering of pregnancy tests, HIV tests, glucose sensors and other medical equipments.

What are your thoughts about this battery technology that runs on saliva? For me i guess is a plus, if you think otherwise, kindly lay your contributions by using the comment box below.

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