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Microsoft and Sony are expected to introduce new features to their gaming consoles within the next few years – The Play Station 5 and whatever the next Xbox will be called. While they are up their game, a relative smaller player in the gaming industry has similar plans. The Mad Box, could be the next big thing.

Slightly Mad Studios, which is responsible for the development of games like Project Cars, Project Cars 2, and Need for Speed, has made an announcement that the company would unveil the Mad Box, which is claimed to be the most powerful gaming console ever built.

Mad Box: The Most Powerful Gaming Console coming out soon

No details about the gaming console’s specifications or features have been revealed. However, in a statement, CEO Ian Bell said that the standalone console will ship in three years from now, which should come up in early 2022. Also, the Mad Box will be available worldwide.

Additional detail given by Ian Bell is that the price tag of the Mad Box will be on par with the major gaming consoles you will find in the world today. The Mad Box gaming console will also work with most VR headsets in the market.

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An interesting aspect about the upcoming gaming console would be that developers would not be given any incentives to make exclusives for it. For example, , if you buy the Sony Playstation for Spider-Man or the Xbox for Forza, this will not be the case with this console that will likely support games available on other platforms.

VR has become a technology that makes or breaks the future gaming consoles, hence it will be interesting to see how Slightly mad Studios’ Mad Box stands up against the Sony Play Station 5 and the next Xbox.

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