Meet IBM Summit, The Fastest Supercomputer in The World 2018

The United States of America have indeed upped their game in the area of developing supercomputers. IBM recently unveiled its latest supercomputer which is likely to be the smartest and fastest supercomputer in the world presently in 2018. The supercomputer is known as Summit, and it has displaced China’s supercomputer which has maintained the top spot for nearly six years. Summit for sure is the fastest supercomputer in the world and a powerful device that can do much more you can ever imagine.

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The IBM Summit resides in Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Tennessee, United States, and it occupies a space equivalent to two tennis courts. Summit, the fastest supercomputer in the world can do in one second what human beings can do in 305 days if it comes to solving one calculation per second. This literarily means that if one person were to do what the Summit does in one second, it will take him or her 6.35 billion years to achieve that.

Meet IBM Summit, The Fastest Supercomputer in The World 2018

The Summit – fastest supercomputer in the world, comprises 4,608 computer servers, Power 9CPUs, and NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs capable of calculating 200 petaflops. Earlier this year, India unveiled Pratush, a supercomputer capable of peak power of 6.8 petaflops. It made the top 30 list of fastest supercomputers in the world.

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With a shift towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the graphics cards are designed to be good at AI and machine learning. This ensures that the supercomputer could learn from neural networks. This factor also allows the Summit to exceed the processing speeds of solving billion calculations per second. it is indeed the fastest supercomputer in the world.

Each node of the supercomputer has 512GB of RAM ensuring the superfast loading at each node. The network communicates between nodes using adaptive routing. Think of it as brain cells connected to synapse to perform a function. The entire setup makes the calculations across all nodes fast and efficient.

The price of developing the present fastest supercomputer in the world – The Summit, sums up to $200 million. The Summit is thought to be useful in artificial intelligence, precision medicine, the discovery of bioenergy, and more. It is expected to achieve huge breakthroughs using the machine learning and simulation science.

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