How To Increase iPhone Battery Life: 5 Important and Useful Tips

The most annoying experience when using a smartphone (irrespective of the brand) is having one which its battery dies faster. I guess you agree with this fact. iPhone users are not left out with this negative experience. If you are making use of an iPhone device, in this post I will be showing you how to increase iPhone battery life so that you can enjoy your device for longer hours, and you can carry out that important deal of yours while on the move.

Having an iPhone which its battery runs down very fast can be really annoying. If a simple phone with less apps can run out of battery, imagine an iPhone with apps that makes you listen to your favourite songs, allows to send email and text messages, and also to get connected to the internet.

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When you run all these applications at the same time, you are definitely making your iPhone to use more power. And as a result, your iPhone battery will begin to drain down faster than you thought. If you are looking for how to increase iPhone battery life or make it last longer, then follow these simple ways outlined below.

How To Increase iPhone Battery Life: 5 Important and Useful Tips

How To Increase iPhone Battery Life

  1. Turn on Low Power Mode

The “Low Power Mode” is a feature found in iOS 10 and 9, and it makes your iPhone battery life to last longer by reducing the power requirements. According to Apple, the low power mode can increase your iPhone battery life for up to 3 hours. The feature does not come on by default, you have to turn it on by going into your phone settings. When you turn on the low power mode, all the applications draining yout battery faster will be closed. This in turn will make you iPhone battery last longer.

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  1. Update Your iOS

By simply carrying a regular update of your iPhone iOS, you can prolong your iPhone battery life. When you update your iOS, many software problems and bugs gets resolved, including those causing excessive battery use. You should note that iOS 10.2.1 is known to resolve battery charging issue for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and the Plus versions of both.

  1. Turn Down Your iPhone’s Brightness

High brightness in iPhones can reduce the battery life because to lighten the pixels of mobile phones, you need high energy. In order to increase the battery life of your iPhone, you can simply turn down its brightness when you are at home or office, where high brightness is not needed.

  1. Turn Off Vibration and Reduce The Volume

It is a fact even with other phone brands, that vibration uses high power energy. When you turn off the vibration of your iPhone, you can make the battery to last longer than expected, this is because calls and notification do come in that makes your phone vibrate, hence causing battery loss.

  1. Disable WiFi and Data Connection

If you are still looking for more ways on how to increase iPhone battery life, then disabling your WiFi and data connection when not in use is key. WiFi and data connection consumes a considerable amount of data, this is because a mobile phone drains its battery faster when it is used as an antenna. If the area you are has a poor network signal, your iPhone will use more power to catch up with it. The turning them off when not needed, you will definitely make your iPhone battery to last longer.

  1. Disable Auto Updates and App Refresh

Auto updates and App refreshing are useful features, but at the same time they drain your iPhone battery life. The best is for you to update your apps manually after a week or a specified period of time, this will reduce your battery consumption and increases its life.

  1. Disable Bluetooth

Another simple way you can increase your iPhone battery life is to simply turn off your Bluetooth when you are not ,making use of it. This is because every application in your iPhone needs some amount of power for it to run, so your Bluetooth is not an exception. When your Bluetooth is on, it is constantly searching for other Bluetooth device to pair up with. So, you should turn of your Bluetooth when you are not using it, it is another step forward to increasing your iPhone battery life and duration.

  1. Manually Lock Your iPhone

Another simple way you can make your iPhone battery last longer is to lock it manually always, when not in use. When you are done making calls, sending sms, or surfing the internet, make sure you lock your iPhone manually.


I know some people might think that following these simple steps might not really count, but I am assuring you that they do. Most times, a little thing we do can make a whole lot of difference. So if you are looking for how to increase iPhone battery life, these are the best hassle-free ways you can adopt from today.

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