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Ever since now, Sony has been releasing its Xperia Home Launcher in open beta versions. Though it is still labeled as an “unreleased” beta, for the first time, the Xperia Home Launcher is not available for download from the Google Play Store. This is indeed a good news for as many that uses the Sony Xperia smartphones, but the download is limited to certain models alone.

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Xperia Home Launcher Now Available On Google Play Store (Download)

The Google Play Store version of the Xperia Home Launcher beta can only be used by users of the most recent smartphones from the brand, Sony. Such phones includes; Sony Xperia XA1 and XA1 Ultra, the Xperia XZs and the high-end Sony Xperia XZ Premium.

Features Of The Xperia Home Launcher Latest Version

To add to the new phone support, the updated Xperia Home 10.2.A.3.20 version (Xperia Home latest version) has some new and improved features. The features include a brand new startup animation and also a display of the Promise icons when installing apps. The new Sony Xperia Home launcher Stage icons are now aligned with the desktop grid and you can easily observe the reorganised status of the Settings menu. In addition, there are some unnamed bug fixes and performance improvements.

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As you are reading this, you should bear in mind that the Xperia Home launcher is still labeled as beta, which means you can easily encounter some bugs and glitches when trying to asses it. In addition, the Xperia Home latest version is only compatible with some few selections of Sony Xperia’s phones. But the good news is that since the launcher us now available in the Google Play Store, it means the brand could make it available to all android device in the nearest future.

Download The Latest Xperia Home Launcher From Google Play Store

If you own one of the latest phones from Sony, like the ones i already listed above, then you can go ahead and download the Xperia Home beta apk directly from Google Play Store by using the Link below:

Download Xperia Home

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