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Facebook for sure is the largest and most popular online social network in the world today. The social platform has over 2 billion monthly active users that cuts across the world. Many users access the social network via its phone apps, but these apps are notorious for causing battery drain and it also takes a huge amount of space on devices. In this post I will be showing you some alternative Facebook apps for Android you should be using from now on. The reason is because they are lightweight and does not drain your battery.

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You can replace the official Facebook and Messenger apps with a number of alternative Facebook apps that will still provide a complete experience on Facebook without experiencing battery and performance issues.

5 Best Alternative Facebook Apps for Android That are Lightweight

5 Best Alternative Facebook Apps for Android

Below are 5 best Facebook alternative Apps you can opt for.

Friendly for Facebook

Friendly does not only provide a freagt Facebook experience, it also ads Facebook Messenger support so you can chaat with your friends and view their status updates in the same place. It also allows users to customize newsfeed by hiding statuses and posts containing certain keywords or prioritizing updates from a close friend. Friendly also comes with a built-in ad blocker for those annoying ads, but enabling this feature require your payment of $1.99 for an upgrade.

Metal for Facebook and Twitter

Metal is a very light (just 3MB) alternative Facebook apps for Android, and it comes with support for Twitter also, all in the same app. Metal simply enhaces the experience you get when accessing Facebook via a web browser with features like notification, distraction-free mode, and a floating window which allows you to keep your Facebook feeds always within sight. You also have the option to select a custom theme for the app, use Night mode or just keep the default Facebook Blue.

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Folio 2 for Facebook and Messenger

Folio is a wrapper around the Facebook mobile website with several interesting add-ons. It allows you to customise how frequently you want the app to check for updates and even set quiet hours when you do not want to be disturbed such as when you’re at school or at work. You can hide friend suggestions and create a four-digit passcode for the app to prevent unauthorised access. Other options include themes, photo and video download, and night mode.

Simple for Facebook

Simple for Facebook is yet another best alternative Facebook app for Android with all the basic features you expect from the mobile site along with support for Facebook Messenger. It also sports several other options to customize your experience on the app, including the ability to remove ads, but many of these are only available in the pro version which costs $1.49.

Swift for Facebook Lite

Swift offers up a nice balance between giving you full functionality and not eating up your phone’s resources. It also combines the original Facebook app with the Messenger app and claims to use no more than 20MB of RAM in the background. It doesn’t have the most impressive feature set of the apps on this list, but it does its job nicely and is well worth a try.


All these third-party alternative Facebook apps allow you to replace the resource-hungry official apps with lightweight ones for a better overall experience. Are you making use of any already? Kindly share your experience inithe comment section on this page.

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