How to Reset the Oil Life Percentage on Honda Accord 2006 Model

Resetting the oil life percentage that displays on the dashboard of your car is highly important once you have done an engine oil maintenance (i.e. replacing the old engine oil of your car with a new one). In this post, I will be showing you how to reset the oil life percentage on Honda Accord 2006 model. I practically used this model as an example because it is the car I drive. So, if learning the procedure to achieve that is the main reason why you are here, then read this article to the very last.

What is the Oil Life Percentage all about?

As a part of the maintenance minder system, the oil maintenance light is a very important part. The oil life percentage reset in Honda cars was introduced by the brand in 2006, as a way to assist their car drivers to know when their cars need scheduled maintenance.

The system operates by monitoring how you use your Honda car every day with respect to mileage covered and then indicates when the system needs to go for service. So it is always important to reset it back to 100% once you have carried out engine oil maintenance.

How to Reset Oil Life Percentage on Honda Accord 2006 Model

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Factors that Determines the Engine Oil Life

There are many factors that determine the engine oil life, but they are divided into primary and secondary factors.

The primary factors include; total mileage, trip durations, engine load, engine speed, engine temperature, and vehicle speed.

As a general rule, maintenance should be scheduled after 5,000 miles. If the engine maintenance light comes on before you reach this mileage, the Maintenance Minder will predict the breakdown times of the additives in the engine oil, basing the results on the engine condition and car use.

The steps that allow users to reset the oil percentage will be different or slightly different depending on the model, so ensure you consult your user manual for the exact directions. So, you are using a Honda Accord 2006 model like myself, then all the information you need is right here on this page.

Steps to Reset the Oil Life Percentage on Honda Accord 2006 Model

  • Turn on the ignition (that is one position before starting the engine)
  • Press the “Select/Reset” knob located in the dashboard until the engine oil life indicator is displayed. You can watch the video for the visual tutorial
  • Press the “Select/Reset” knob once again for more than 10 seconds. The engine oil life percentage indicator and the maintenance codes will start to blink.
  • Press the “Select/Reset” knob for the third time, for more than 5 seconds this time around. The maintenance items code will disappear and the engine oil life percentage will reset back to 100%.
  • Turn the ignition off, and then start the engine to verify if the oil life percentage indicator has been fully reset back to 100%

I am definitely sure it will. Then you are done. It seems easy, right?


Before now, you may think that resetting the engine oil life percentage indicator on your Honda Accord car is difficult; reading this post to this point might have proved you wrong. Resetting it back to 100% after carrying out an engine oil maintenance gives you a proper indication and also helps your car to run as efficiently as possible in the long term.

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