How to Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming without Using Third-Party Software

PC does a lot of tasks, and one of which it is mostly used by youth these days is for gaming. Hardcore game lover will agree that nothing beats playing intense video games on a well-optimized PC. Good news if you are in that category, because the latest Windows 10 platform makes it possible for gamers to enjoy super realistic games to the fullest. In this post I will be showing you how to optimize Windows 10 for gaming and of course without using a third-party software.

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Now, let us move to the business of the day – and that is how to optimize Windows 10 for gaming.

How to Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming without Using a Third-party Software – The Simplest Guide

Yes, like I said from the start, you can fully optimize your Windows 10 laptop for gaming without using third-party software, but by simply applying some few tweaks. Below are some useful tips on how to go about that.

How to Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming without Using Third-Party Software

1. Update Your GPU Drivers

You need to have the latest GPU drives installed in your PC if you want to get the most out of realistic games. You can simply download it manually, or you can set them to be updated automatically by the manufacturer’s official application.

2. Disable Windows Automatic Updates

Having the latest Windows 10 update installed in your laptop is not a bad idea anyway. But the problem with automatic updates is that they can start while you are in the middle of an interesting game. The connection will slow down your PC and the laptop will restart when the updates are installed.

Here is how you can disable Windows 10 automatic updates in your PC

  • Hold the Windows Key + Q on your keyboard.
  • Type “updates.”
  • Go to “Windows Update Settings.”
  • Select “Advanced Options.”
  • Enable “Pause Updates.”

You can simply delay automatic updates for up to 35 days, while you enjoy your optimized gaming experience. You do not necessarily have to wait that long, but at least your gaming sessions will not be interrupted.

3. Disable Automatic Updates on Steam

If you prefer modding your games, automatic updates could cause a mess on your games. That is the reason why it is best to update them manually. Here is how you can revert a game and automatic update messed up.

  • Open Steam.
  • Right click on the game.
  • Select “Properties.”
  • Choose “Betas.”
  • Find the version of the game you want to revert to.
  • Keep in mind that some games can’t be reverted to their previous versions.

4. Use the Built-in Windows Gaming Mode

Microsoft understood that many gamers experience performance issues while gaming, so they have to add the “Gaming Mode” on recent Windows updates. This feature allows you to stop some background processes, making your PC to have more RAM for the game.

Here is how you can enable Gaming Mode on Windows 10

  • Hold the Windows key and press I.
  • Type in  “game mode.”
  • Choose “Control Game Mode for optimizing your PC for games.”
  • Select “Game Mode” when the game screen pops out.
  • Toggle to “On” to activate it.

The Game Mode will then suspend all automatic Windows updates and use the extra resources to optimize your in-game frame rate.

5. Adjust Windows 10 Visual Effects

Windows is designed to impress at default, but you can adjust some of the features in order to improve your gaming experience. Here is what you can do to adjust Windows 10 visual effects.

  • Hold the Windows key + I.
  • Type “performance.”
  • Select “Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows.”
  • Select “Adjust for best performance,” hit Apply.

6. Install DirectX 12 for the Best Gaming Experience

DirectX is just a Microsoft API tool and an essential element for gaming on Windows 10. It is the latest version of the tool supported by GPUs that hit the market after 2015.

DirectX 12 supports the use of multiple CPU and GPU cores, increases frame-rates, lowers power consumption, and enhances the overall in-game experience. You can check if you have DirectX 12 installed by following these steps.

  • Hold Windows Key + R on your keyboard.
  • Type “dxdiag,” hit “OK”.
  • If you don’t have DirectX 12 installed, you will most likely have to upgrade it.


Alternatively, if you choose to optimize Windows 10 using a third-party software, you can find programs designed to help improve gaming experience. What these programs simply do is to turn off background processes, automatic updates, and other processes that slows down your PC.

You don’t have to buy a new PC to enjoy higher frame rates or smoother performance. Use these simple tricks on how to optimize Windows 10 for gaming, so it does not interfere with your gaming experience. Kindly share this post before you leave, because that game-loving friend of yours might definitely need it.

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