How to Install Cinema HD APK on iPhones Without Jailbreaking in 2019

This post reveals the step by step guide on how to install Cinema HD APK on iPhones especially in the year 2019 and beyond going with the current iOS. If you are one of those the loves watching movies on their iPhones, then this post will be highly beneficial to you.

Cinema HD like you may already know, is an Android entertainment app that allows users to watch thousands of movies and TV shows for free using their devices (be it Android or iOS). Having that in mind, you should also note that this app does not peddle pirated content. It aggregates links from various online resources to provide users with a database of available free video content.

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But the big question is; can you install Cinema HD on your iPhone?

Unfortunately you cannot and the methods that suggest you should jailbreak your iPhone are usually not worth your time and effort.

But does this mean there is not legal way to get free videos on iPhones? Of course not, keep reading to find out more with this step by step guide.

How to Install Cinema HD APK on iPhones Without Jailbreaking in 2019

How to Install Cinema HD APK on iPhones

Before you begin, if you should conduct a quick search, you will find lots of websites that offer Cinema HD APK files for iPhones and iPads. But when you inspect closer, you will either discover that the links are dead of the files are not iOS compatible.

Third-party app stores like AppValley and TweakBox used to feature Cinema HD. However, at the time this post was written the app was not available on either store. So you can might as well check on them frequently.

Note: The latest versions of the third-party stores were installed and tested on an iPhone 6s+ running iOS 12.4.

Nevertheless, there is hope as these third-party stores feature apps that are good Cinema HD alternatives. There is also a possibility for Cinema HD or Cinema APK to appear with a future updated version of TweakBox or AppValley.

The following paragraphs offer a step-by-step guide to install third-party stores. Plus there is a quick overview of the best Cinema HD alternatives.

Installing TweakBox and AppValley on iPhone

The installation does not require you to jailbreak your iPhone or employ any advanced hacks. These stores cannot be found on mainstream channels and come in the form of an installation profile you need to allow. But be rest assured that it would not cause any harm to your device, though the AppValley ads can be a bit annoying.


  1. Launch Safari on your phone and go to or Of course, you can just type the store name and hit the first thing that pops up in the results.
  2. Hit the Install or Install Now buttons and confirm your choice by selecting Allow in the pop-up window. The window informs you about the configuration profile you will be installing on your phone. There is another pop-up to confirm the successful download.
  3. The app is not installed on your iPhone yet. To allow the installation, launch Settings, select General, and then access the Profiles menu.
  4. The stores appear under Configuration Profiles, tap on either of them and select Install from the top-right corner. Afterward, the apps show up on your phone and are ready to use.

Note: You will also need to provide the iPhone’s passcode to proceed with the installation. With AppValley installation, thereis an additional disclaimer window that informs you the app is not using your data and it is easy to uninstall (tap Done in this window).

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Cinema HD Alternatives

After you install the stores, launch them and browse for free video streaming services. Here is the list of ones that deserve your attention and all the apps below appear on both third-party stores.

How to Search TweakBox/AppValley

From the TweakBox main window, select Apps at the top of the screen, then TweakBox Apss to access the search bar. There you just type the app’s name into the bar and proceed to install it.

Search is easier on AppValley since the app has the same layout as the App Store itself. Hit the magnifying lens icon and type the name of the app.


The app previously known as BobbyMovies is now named CotoMovies, and is one of the best platforms/apps for free video streaming. The app features thousands of titles, supports different languages and AirPlay, and it comes with CC for more than 250 languages. What is more, you can share the content directly to your PC or Mac via the built-in wireless option.


Like CotoMovies, LiloMovies offers a great selection of free videos. However, this app links to torrents and can be much slower than Coto. In addition, the video quality is often sub-par, plus there are embedded ads you cannot just X away from the screen.

You should know that Lilo still does not have an official website. On the bright side, it can work as a good substitute for the videos you cannot find on other services.


It is easy to guess that the MediaBoxHD video selection is great. But not only that, this app offers titles at video quality that can be compared to most paid services. It also offers SS, Amazon Fire TV support, and the ability to download a video and use the app at the same time. There are also fewer ads on MediaBoxHD, but you might stumble upon a title with embedded Korean CC that cannot be turned off.


You will be required to trust the developer before you install these apps. In most cases, you need to do it only once with the first app and the others will follow suit. Take the following path to do it.

Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > Enterprise App > Trust This Developer

While using these apps and stores it is advisable to run a VPN for some extra protection.


There are ways to turn your iPhone into a genuine movie theater for free. But you should not expect much since the service these apps provide is still in the grey area as far as copyright and video quality are concerned.

Do you have other information on how to install Cinema HD APK on iPhone without jailbreaking? Which app from this post do you think works best for you? Give us your contribution and comments in the comments section below.

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