What You Should Know Before Buying ERP Software For Schools

Making sure the management of a school is carried out successfully is no child’s play. It often requires great efforts and huge sacrifice. The need to create efficient management platforms has led to the creation of ERP software for schools.

ERP is a big game changer in schools when factors such as time, delivery, accuracy and efficiency are to be considered. It implements different areas of technology to get the most accurate of results.

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Why Do Schools Need ERP Software?

Firstly, the educational system of any school comprises of a collective efforts of certain individuals. These individuals are usually the principal, the manager, parents associations, teachers, students and the accounting departments.

What an ERP management simply does is that it integrates the school, private tuitions and enterprise to become a whole complete education management body.

Also, in the world today, schools are faced with daily challenges of administration duties. Processes and actions like collection of fees, timetable management, data management, declaration of results and management of staff and students attendance are usually done manually. This takes a lot of time, resource, and energy and is usually less efficient.

Today, the challenges and problems faced by institutions focused on education on day to day activities of managing a school are usually overpowering. This is one of the major reason why a school must have a management software to reduce effort and time spent on management activities and increase efficiency in the process.

A student management system is a solution built with the educational system in mind. It helps in the management of students data. A school ERP features registration of courses for students, documentation of grades, creation of student’s schedule, keeping an eye on student’s attendance, efficient management of other related student related data transcripts, assessment scores and results of student tests.

There are many ERP software for schools available on the internet but there are certain important features you must watch out for before deciding to buy one. These key features are:

  • It should be able to manage multiple colleges, schools and universities
  • It must simplify the process of managing various colleges or schools from a single dashboard
  • Must be able to handle student admission management easily
  • Can secure student information management
  • Should be able to give the required data on transportation management system.
  • Be able to process fees and charges every student incurs.
  • Should be trusted to handle the student and teacher attendance.
  • Able to manage grades of each student.
  • Can handle staff management.
  • Must include a library management feature.
  • Should come with support for mobile applications parents, students and teachers. It should have apps for IOS and android alternatively.
  • Built with ability to send off alerts when either of the managing party logs in, make transactions, make edits or adds a new information etc.

Important Features of ERP Software For Schools

Now, let me show you briefly the most important features an ERP software for schools should have.

What You Should Know Before Buying ERP Software For Schools


This type of management comprises of attendance management, fee collection, student admission registration and profile management.


This is another key feature any ERP software for schools must have. It should provide solution to result analysis and processing problems.


The software you buy should be able to manage projects, co-curricular activities, Infirmary & Medical Info, and Discipline.


It must have record taking and maintenance of periodicals, books, and Electronic Media e.g.–Audio, CD, Newspapers,Video cassettes and Magazines.


Human resource management include income tax management, Staff Recruitment. Payroll, Taxand Staff Attendance (fully integrated with RFID/Biometric).


The platform should be able to provide fleet and assets Management.


The education management software should be able to handle finance, store management and accounting.


Another vital ability it must come with. The software should be able to correctly create a time table, assign a class, do proper arrangement, perform guest lecture time table etc.

It might also include plugin’s such as:

  • SMS
  • GPS

Advantages Of Using a School Management System / ERP Software for Schools

The advantages of a school management system are numerous. Here are 10 of the best advantages of using an ERP software for schools in resource management.

  1. The world is fast becoming techie

The education sector has been witnessing huge growth ever since the introduction of electronics such as mobile, desktop and laptops to access the virtual classroom. The transition from old boring traditional teaching administration to easy-to-use technology solution has been able to eradicate virtually every problem and challenge facing the management of schools.

  1. It boosts the daily productivity levels of School

A management system assists board administrators to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing the effort and time spent on managing and organizing school data.

  1. Fosters collaboration beyond classrooms

Since most ERP based systems are usually mobile and web based, they can easily connect the school with the students, the students with the teachers and the staffs with the teacher and students etc. This helps everyone manage and reduce their workload efficiently.

  1. It helps the teacher Save paper & reduce workload

ERP software for schoolsis an all-in-one solution that provides complete automation of all functions of school administration to achieve the goals of a fast delivering administration.

  1. Helps you Connect various campuses and departments

Information technology helps schools excel in ways that helps you systematically manage your school from different locations. It’s like a connector or power box that houses and connects every department and campuses on one platform.

  1. Runs on complete automation for smarter decisions

They system helps administrators to access analyze and manage data for fast decision making process. The various body of the school administration will become well organized.

  1. Delivers an higher performance with better employee happiness

This complete solution delivers a great comprehensive school management with amazing features.

  1. It familiarizes student learning with technology

With advancement in technology, there is provision of customizations, scalability and integrations that ensure the school is managed with the most advanced tools.

  1. Easy access from Anywhere

ERP software is a mobile and web based app with centralized data storage structure that assists admins, parents, teachers and students to access data from all parts of the world and anytime on Android and iPhone devices.

  1. It helps save cash and improves student engagement

Most school management solution does not cost much and are worth every penny spent. In fact they save you a lot of time and help reduce evidently administrative costs and focus on improving student’s success.

By using one of the much ERP software for schools, yourfocus on improved quality of education and reaching desired academic goals can be achieved. This ensures that everyconstituents-staff, students, parents, teachers, and administrators come out as winner.

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