WhatsApp Beta Version Tests Sharing Your Status to Your Facebook Story

WhatsApp’s latest beta version spots a new feature that is bound to attract lots of controversies – and that is sharing your WhatsApp Status to your Facebook Story. This however, does not mean you are linking your WhatsApp user ID to your Facebook account, the company insists, as it is using the standard Android and iOS data sharing APIs.

This actually means that you can also share your WhatsApp status to other apps like Instagram, Google photos, Gmail, and so on. In the event of you sharing data to another Facebook-owned service like Instagram, the company says the two posts will be separate events in its system, and will not be linked.

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WhatsApp Beta Version Tests Sharing Your Status to Your Facebook Story

The sharing option will be displayed underneath your Status, if you are on the WhatsApp beta program. In case you are confused, Status is what WhatsApp calls its version of Stories – that is a place users can post images, text, and videos on their profile that disappears after 24 hours. The “WhatsApp Status” feature now has over 500 million daily active users, and next year, it will be the first place where you will see ads in WhatsApp.

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You have to manually share your status with another app, there is no way you can automate the process. This is by design, as apparently WhatsApp wants the feature to be an active decision on your part, and nothing you set once and then forget about.

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