Turn Your iPad Into a Foosball Table With This Cool Gadget

Now I know that playing the real on a real foosball is not something you can measure with some application or with a gadget, but it can be pretty close if you know which gadget to use. The basic application for that is not enough and people in New Potato Technologies know that so they decided to combine two most important parts of foosball: the real table and the virtual field.

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New Potato Technologies

The company with so interesting name was founded in 1986 in Connecticut and today they are proud owners of numerous video games, electronic toys, computer graphics, software solutions for PC and almost everything connected to technology. Their products are unique as you can see from this incredible gadget that turns your iPad into a foosball table.

Turn Your iPad Into a Foosball Table With This Cool Gadget

Classic Match Foosball

The gadget that can turn your iPad into a foosball table is called the Classic Match Foosball and it looks pretty much like a small foosball table with special place for your iPad. When you get the gadget you will need about 7 minutes to assemble it, it is that simple. First things first fix the legs to the table so it can stand on its own. The legs are pretty sturdy for a small iPad stand which is great. Now, when you put this table on your table, you will notice where you have to put the iPad. It has a special curve on the table surface which goes around the iPad edges. Below that, you will notice 4 holes on each side of the table, 8 in total, and those holes are for the rods. Yes, you will get rods for your mini iPad foosball table. When you attach the legs and the rods on the table, the work is pretty much done. All you need is an iPad and you are good to go.

Turn Your iPad Into a Foosball Table With This Cool Gadget

I am sure you are aware the addiction this game makes because you will end up playing foosball for hours. Now, why am I mentioning that? Because iPad has a battery and batteries tend to drain when you are busy playing games. The New Potato Technologies team knows that and to avoid panic developed by the “Empty Battery” sign, they have included one USB port at the bottom of the gadget. That means you can play foosball for hours, even days, as long as you plug it in.

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Application and Model

When people in New Potato Technologies first made the Classic Match Foosball, it was compatible with the iPad 1,2 and 3. But, since the iPads are evolving, the Classic Foosball Match gadget is also evolving. They did another foosball table for iPad with different dimensions so it can be compatible with the iPad 3 and 4 and the new iPad Air and Air 2. The updated version of the foosball table has a higher price, but only because it has one feature that the original table doesn’t have and that is Bluetooth. For now, they are only focused on the iOS devices, but in the future, they may make the Android version of this table as well.

Turn Your iPad Into a Foosball Table With This Cool Gadget

You probably assume that you can play any iOS foosball application on this great gadget, but I must disappoint you. This table is compatible only with the application made by the New Potato Technologies which is also called the Classic Match Foosball which you can find in the Apple store and the application itself is free which a great thing is. You can try to play foosball with some other applications but you won’t be able to connect the stand to the iPad, or if you do, I am sure you will experience glitches. The application has to be compatible with the foosball table to work flawlessly.

Turn Your iPad Into a Foosball Table With This Cool Gadget

Classic Match Foosball Application

Like I have already mentioned, you have to have a compatible application to properly enjoy the gadget and it is logical that their application is the one for the table. The app works absolutely amazing on the table and the rods on the table are very sensitive. They can register the smallest move you make, which means that if you move the rod on the table, the rod on the app will move too. The ball physics is great and you will forget that you are playing the foosball game app while you spin those rods. To make the table even more awesome, when you score you can move the bean on the scoring system on the table. One side has the red scoring system and other has the blue scoring system, and the colors are compatible with the colors of the players in the game.

Turn Your iPad Into a Foosball Table With This Cool Gadget

I would suggest this product to any person who has iPad and loves foosball. The Classic Match Foosball can provide you hours of fun with your friends and family but keep in mind that it is an application and one extremely cool gadget, it is not a real foosball table, so the experience will be different.

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Mark is a foosball player who has a blog dedicated to the smaller version of the most beautiful game – foosball. On that blog, he writes all about foosball from rules and regulations to guides on how to buy best foosball tables. Everything you need to know about foosball you can find on his blog.

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