Leaked Design Of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Reveals a 4K Display Panel

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Has Leaked With A Massive (4K) Display Panel

Recently, there are leaked images and video footages online which revealed the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 design. The captivating feature from the leak is that the previously rumoured larger Galaxy Note 8 turns out to be true, it is actually coming with a massive (4K) display.

Leaked Design Of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Reveals a 4K Display Panel

The leaked design emanates from a reputable source; SamMobile, which for some time now have provided lots of accurate information, images and details in the past. The leaked images and video revealed the rumoured 6.3inch display panel, which is 0.6inch bigger than the previous Galaxy Note 7. This feature of the Galaxy Note 8 makes it to be one of the largest smartphone Samsung has ever produced, and also the biggest in the Galaxy Note series as well.

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But having this in mind, the increased size of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

display will not really have an impact on the overall size of it relative to features it normally come with. This is because according to the earlier rumours, the leaked design indicates the brand will use the same Infinity display design used in the S8 series to cram a much larger curved OLED display with an 18.5:9 aspect ratio into a svelte (but tall) body shell with a very narrow bezel around the edge. In conclusion, the Galaxy S8+ comes with a 6.2inch display and it is by no means an oversized phone.

Will The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 come with a 4K Display?

In the past six months, there are multiple rumours that have talked about this, and the answer is actually YES! The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be coming with a 4K OLED panel, the reason is apparently because of a better VR experience.

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From my judgement, i am still very much on the fence about this one. 4K displays are kind of gimmicky at the moment and I don’t think the VR angle, seeing that VR usage isn’t that big at the moment, is actually worth it when you consider the affect a 4K display will have on battery life.

Another possibility is that the brand runs a dual-QHD4K display, whereby the 4K panel is only activated when the phone is used inside a VR headset or when the user selects to it work. This could work; Samsung’s Galaxy S8 does something similar with 1080p/QHD resolutions.

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Another stunning feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 seems to be the one that was rumoured on other devices. We have heard lots of reports that iPhone 8 and also the Galaxy series was initially planned to have a fingerprint scanner under the display glass, both in both circumstances, it was difficult to implement.

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