The Relationship Between Influencers and SEO

The biggest mistake any small business owner can make is dismissing the importance of social media influencers in today’s marketing environment. While social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are fine tools for recreation, they are also great tools for driving customers and content to your website. In this article, we’ll explore this influencer-business relationship and how it can help build your small business.

Influencers Can Help Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Relationship Between Influencers and SEO

Influencers are popular because they produce interesting, unique, and specialized content that is easy for potential followers and customers to search for. They understand how important it is to use specific language and hashtags already associated with thousands of shares, searches, and clicks. They also understand how search engine algorithms work.

For example, Google prioritizes popular, high-quality content. If an important influencer shares a link to your business website, and that link is then shared by those who follow them, this sharing can dramatically increase the chances of your business showing up in popular search engines, thus improving SEO and increasing traffic to your website.

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Influencers Already Have a Built-In Customer Base

Social media influencers are a bit like celebrities: Their following is extremely loyal, no matter the size. By reaching out to individual influencers, small businesses get the chance to tap into a highly engaged audience. This way, the relationship between the business and the followers can become more personalized and organic, tied together by a well-respected mediator. Influencer-business relationships can help dreaded “sponsored content” from becoming discussions around larger industry issues by using small businesses as valuable resources instead of advertised products and services.

Influencers Are Authorities in Their Fields

One of the biggest reasons influencers provide engaging and popular content is because they are seen as credible sources of information in their fields. Their followers actively seek out their content and their thoughts on related subjects. Further, followers treat influencers as a word-of-mouth source, a form of “earned media” which has the potential to bring in double the sales of paid ads. When a small business is mentioned or used as a resource in a post or a blog by an influencer, it is given the word-of-mouth treatment from an expert.

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Influencers Understand Their Roles in Marketing and Branding

More often than not, working with influencers can be mutually helpful. Influencers generally know how impactful they are and how that level of impact can benefit others. For example, businesses have been known to offer influencers coaching, services, or products in exchange for product visibility. In response, influencers may offer a personal experience with the business, such as Sasha Zvereva, an Instagram travel photographer and blogger with 232K followers, and her influencer relationship with Capital One. Such personal stories can offer much smaller businesses the exposure they need to thrive.

Social media has solidified itself as an integral part of everyday living, especially as it pertains to business and marketing. Maintaining a strong influencer-business relationship is an invaluable boon to any business looking to increase its customer base and improve SEO, further increasing visibility among members of a target audience.

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