How To Monitor Android Phone Deleted SMS and Photos

Did you know that around 18.7 billion text messages are sent worldwide each day and the figure rises up to 560 billion in a month? More than 60 billion messages are sent every day using Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Have you ever felt curious about what these people are talking about in their messages? Maybe not, but you should be snooping when it comes to your significant ones. You must be aware of what your kids or husband is talking about on messages and with whom. There are probabilities that your child would be communicating with a predator, or your husband would be planning a night out with his girlfriend, or your employees might be sharing company’s confidential information with rivals.

Suppose you succeeded in getting your husband’s phone while he was sleeping and open the text messaging application to read his conversations but found no message there. Your husband has left no clue of his infidelity by deleting the entire conversation history. What to do now?

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Spying can be tricky especially when you are trying to catch your cheating husband or deceiving employee who is cunning enough to eradicate every clue of the falseness. Fortunately, there are android mobile spy applications that enable you to read the deleted messages and get all the erased information back.

TheOneSpy is an Android application that let you read Android phone deleted SMS and online conversations made through social media and instant messaging applications. Having this Android spy app installed on the mobile phone of your kids, spouse or employees enables you to monitor almost all the activities performed on their handhelds. The information on the monitored device is automatically updated on a dashboard that can be accessed anytime logging on to customized user login. It means the messages or conversation your husband or kids have deleted they still exist on the dashboard and can be retrieved when needed.

How To Monitor Android Phone Deleted SMS and Photos

Similar to text messages, photos and videos, whether deleted or hid, can also be retrieved. So, if your spouse has deleted images of his new romantic partner or your teen has hidden some inappropriate pictures somewhere on its phone using apps to hide private stuff, everything can be accessed within seconds.

The user of android spy application can discover photos, videos, voice recordings, music files and other multimedia files stored on the target device. All sort of photos whether captured using device camera, received via MMS or emails, or downloaded from the internet would be visible to you on your dashboard.

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Your authority to spy on pictures and messages remains unchanged even in the case of Snapchat that is a photo sharing application claiming to have self-deleted messages. The messages that might include photos or videos automatically get deleted seconds after the receiver view them. But if you are using the TheOneSpy, you can track all these communications with the help of screenshots. As the target starts using Snapchat, the application takes a screenshot of the screen in every 3 seconds. These screenshots are saved on your online control panel and can be seen whenever you want. So, if your spouse and kids think that Snapchat would be great to share their private pictures and having conversations with their secret friends, they would have to think again.

TheOneSpy has many other characteristics

You can keep an eye on your spouse, kids or employees in many other ways using this cell phone monitoring software. As well as messages, the entire call history and contact information of your target is accessible with a simple tap. You can listen to all incoming and outgoing calls, record these calls and even intercept them. The information including number and name of the person who has made the call on the device or to whom the call is made will be known to you. You have the control to block incoming calls from numbers not stored in the Phonebook. Also, you can modify the contact list or Phonebook of the spied phone by removing or deleting unnecessary contacts or adding the new one.

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There is another interesting feature that let you create a bug in the Android device that is being monitored. You can create a Camera bug to operate the camera of the spied device and capture the surrounding photos to know what your significant ones are doing, where they are and with whom. You can also listen to their voices and surrounding sounds by creating a Mic bug to operate the microphone of their smartphones.

Hope this post would be supportive in finding a way to spy on android phone deleted messages and photos and getting back the erased evidence.

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