Graphene Running Shoes Debuts in 2018, Courtesy Inov-8 and University Of Manchester

Graphene was isolated for the first time in 2004, by Prof Andre Geim and Prof Kotsya Novoselov from the University of Manchester. The discovery won them a Nobel Prize in Physics. The characteristics of Graphene that makes it so important is that it is the world’s first 2D material, it is ultra-light and still 200 times stronger than steel. It is also the thinnest material you will find in the world today, transparent and also extremely flexible. These are just some of its important properties, so you can well imagine its scope of application in our world today.

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In addition to energy, electronics, biomedical and other uses, Graphene will now be used to make running shoes and it will debut in 2018. This innovation is introduced by a British sportswear brand known as inov-8, and they in collaboration with the University of Manchester to incorporate the material into their shoes. This world’s first Graphene shoes will be coming to the market in the year 2018.

Graphene Running Shoes Debuts in 2018, Courtesy Inov-8 and University Of Manchester

According to the laboratory test conducted by inov-8 in collaboration with National Graphene Institute, the composite rubber outsoles will be much stronger and flexible than traditional materials, this will make the Graphene shoes more resistant to wear and tear. This innovation is good news especially for off-road runners and fitness athletes as they will no longer have to worry about bad grip in addition to stretch, durability and traction.

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Inov-8 CEO, Ian Bailey made it known that product innovation is the number one priority for their brand, as it is the only way they can compete with other major sports brands. The pioneering collaboration between inov-8 and the University of Manchester places the brand and Britain as the forefront of Graphene sports footwear revolution .

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