Google To End Ban on Cryptocurrency Ads; See Process Involved

Google have made it known, that it will now allow cryptocurrency ads starting on October 2018. This brought end to a ban that was placed in the month of June 2018. Ads for cryptocurrency and related products were initially banned by Google in order to reduce the potential for consumer harm.

At the moment, Google has discovered a way to mitigate harm while still allowing cryptocurrency-related ads, actually in a limited capacity. This actually means there are certain processes that should be met before an advertiser will enjoy the lift of this ban.

Cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States of America and Japan will be allowed to advertise again with Google starting from October 2018. However they will need to go through a certification process.

Google To End Ban on Cryptocurrency Ads; See Process Involved

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Advertisers of cryptocurrency will be able to apply for certification once the policy launches in October. They will also need to be certified with Google for the specific country in which their ads will be served. Requirements for certification does vary by country, though Google has not yet disclosed what the requirements are to be certified to run ads for cryptocurrency exchanges.

The sad news is that Ads for coin offerings, cryptocurrency wallets, and cryptocurrency trading advice will still be banned once the new policy goes official in October. According to a statement made by Google at this point, the ban is only lifted on ads for cryptocurrency exchanges alone.

Cryptocurrency ads have been a matter of contention in the year 2018 amongst several of the web’s top advertising platforms. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Bing have also banned cryptocurrency-related ads at certain points in this year.

Facebook partially lifts its ban on cryptocurrency ads by June, though its advertisers are also required to go through a certification process. Let us keep our fingers crossed and see if any other platform will follow the steps of Facebook and Google to get back on board with cryptocurrency advertising.

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