Google Assistant Will Speak More Than 30 Languages Before 2019

Google has planned to expand its Assistant in 2018, and the initiative was first revealed last week. Back then, the number of supported languages was said to be 25 by the end of 2018. But just few days back, the company officially announced that the Google Assistant will speak more than 30 languages before we enter into the year 2019. This improvement will make it reach about 95% of all eligible Android phones worldwide.

Google Assistant Will Speak More Than 30 Languages Before 2019

The first new language that will be introduced are; Dutch, Danish, Indonesian, Hindi, Swedish, Norwegian, and Thai, with many others joining them at some point after the first wave. The Google Assistant will be available in both Android and iOS by the way.

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In addition to that, the Google Assistant will become multilingual later this year. This means that you will be able to speak to it in multiple languages without altering its settings anytime you want to switch between languages. It will on default, understand what you say in multiple languages fluently. This feature will be available first for English, German, and French, with support for other languages arriving with time.

Google also made it known that they are working with phone makers to build deeper integrations between the Google Assistant and device features, and also develop integration with hardware AI chips. The Assistant Mobile OEM program has been in the works since MWC last year. You should expect to see such integrations from phone brands like Sony, LG, and Xiaomi very soon.

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To add icing to the cake, Google also has similar program for carriers too. In the future, you will just ask the Assistant about your plan, and new services (like international data roaming) through its conventional interface, and even get support from your carrier in this manner. Koodo, Sprint, Vodafone and Telus are already developing such integrations while more partners will be announced soon.

With the coming weeks, the Google Assistant will become even more smarter, by supporting routines and location-based reminders. Routines help you get multiple things done with just one command. In the first stance, six routines will be available in the United States, which will assist with your morning, commutes to and from work, and evening at home. Once you say “Hey Google, I’m home”, the Google Assistant can turn on the lights, share any home reminders, and play your favourite music and more.

Location-based reminders will be coming to Google Assistant on speakers, as they were already supported on phones. You can simply ask the Assistant in your Google Home to remind you to pick up the milk at the grocery store, and when you arrive there the Assistant on your phone will pop up and tell you to do it.

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