5 Facebook Features That Makes It One Of The Best Social Network

The founder of Facbook, Mark Zuckerberg, is gradually building the social network into a leading social platform by introducing a variety of special Facebook features which caters for the majority of users need. This definitely makes it one of the best social network in our today’s world. Below are 5 new features of Facebook you should be making use of to suit your desires.

5 Facebook Features That Makes It One Of The Best Social Network

5 New Facebook Features For User’s Needs

  1. Creating a survey right on your personal wall

Creating a poll or survey helps users to make a choice and know the majority of options in a ny given situation. This Facebook feature have been around for some time now in Facebook groups or Messengers. However, making the survey right on your personal timeline or wall is a far more better idea.

From the “create message” view, there is an option for polling. You can ask questions, poll time and response suggestions you have. You can also add photos or gif images to the poll to make it more attractive.

  1. Use a 360-degree panoramic image as your cover image

Facebook users can now make their personal pages more special by setting a 360-degree image as their cover photo. The Facebook feature also create a 360-degree image viewer that allows users to directly create Panorama images.

From your Facebook application, simply go to your personal page and select cover photo icon, then choose take a 360 photo. You can now take a panoramic photo and set it as your cover photo.

  1. View recent crises, accidents or natural disasters

This is among the best or important Facebook features. Emergency Response, is a Facebook add-on that helps users to update information about crises, accidents pr natural disasters around the world at large. You can simply use this emergency response to connect with friends or relatives, make donations, and lots more.

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  1. Play entertainment without downloading additional app

Another notable Facebook features that was newly introduced is the ability to play multimedia without downloading additional apps. Not only is it available in Facebook Messenger, but right on the Facebook application, you can now play games or get entertained  with different multimedia. The feature also allow you to connect with your friends. Simply go to the Facebook menu option and select “Instant Games”.

  1. Create extreme images with available effects

Facebook developers has also added a number of beautiful and exotic effects, as you can now create stunning images without downloading any additional applications. From the Facebook camera interface, you can select the icon on the bottom left corner to choose “favourite effect”.

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These are some of the new Facebook features you should be using to enjoy the best of this social media network. if there are others you are already enjoying, kindly let us know by using the comment box below.

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