ExpressVPN and HP team up to Provide Pre-installed VPN on Elected PCs

The US Senate in the year 2017 voted to permit internet providers to trace and trade users’ browsing records. Users neither had to know nor approve of this phenomenon. In the same year, the Federal Communication Commission would destroy the net neutrality rules of the Obama era.

This act gave internet service providers the authority to control information traversing across their networks. This explains why many people today are opting to use a VPN to keep their online activities secure and private. A virtual private launches an encrypted tunnel between possible spies and your traffic. This provides users with an additional layer to safeguard your online history from possible spies and traffic. 

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The Teaming Up of ExpressVPN and HP

ExpressVPN and HP recently teamed up to help users stay private and secure while browsing online. The ExpressVPN software is inbuilt on specific HP computers with the new model HP Spectre x360 13 kick-starting the process.

ExpressVPN and HP team up to Provide Pre-installed VPN on Elected PCs

If you’re already using the Spectre laptop, you already know that ExpressVPN is giving users a 30 day free trial of the software. During this time, users will use not only the inbuilt ExpressVPN application but a wide range of other ExpressVPN apps. ExpressVPN allows users to make up to five connections concurrently using a single subscription.

HP consumers will also get an opportunity to utilize the VPN on any iOS, Android, macOS, and Amazon Fire. At the end of the trial period, customers will have a chance to subscribe to a paid plan. 

What is the Significance of the ExpressVPN and HP Team Up for the Future?

The ExpressVPN and HP team-up is more than just two organizations committed to ensuring that their users are secure. It depicts a change in how some areas of the tech industry perceive cybersecurity. Many companies hardly pay attention to cybersecurity and this can result in many data leaks, breaches, and identity theft over the years.

HP, a leading IT company understands that many companies today are beginning to take their online privacy seriously. That is why they are doing everything that they help their consumers achieve the security and privacy they desire. It’s difficult to figure out whether or not their commitment is because they see a business opportunity. However, it’s still going to be beneficial to online users. The teaming up of these two companies will help companies to enhance their cybersecurity. 

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Understanding HP

Hewlett-Packard, also known as HP was established in 1939. It’s an international IT company that sells different software, and hardware. HP product line includes computing gadgets such as PCs, servers, printers, storage gadgets, plotters, scanners, imaging devices, and networking gadgets. A decision to separate the company’s printers and PC business were made in 2014. This saw the business form Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and HP, Inc. 

Defining ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN allows users unrestricted access throughout the globe. This virtual private network enables you to hide your network data and IP address. This ensures that you can browse without worrying that a cybercriminal is spying on you. With this VPN, you can leverage a single subscription to install the virtual private network on all of your devices. These include your tablet, smartphone, and home PC. 

HP Spectre x360 13 Specifications

The new Spectre x360 13 comes with unique specifications to enhance security. It’s a high-performance gadget that you will enjoy using while on the go. Today, many people are using public Wi-Fi on their laptops to access the internet. As you know, public networks are hardly protected and this exposes users to untold risks.

With the teaming up of ExpressVPN and HP, you can now enjoy smooth browsing with minimal struggle. Approximately 6 in every 10 laptop users worry about their security and that of their gadgets. This, however, will be a thing of the past with the Spectre x360 13. This gadget comes in a stylish look and advanced security details to give you the peace of mind you desire.

The laptop is also smaller by 13% which makes it portable. Additional features of the Spectre include a 90% screen to body ratio, factor color calibration, anti-reflection for outdoor viewing, webcam kill switch, 400-nit display, a battery life-extending up to 22 hours, and a mute mic.

Currently, ExpressVPN is the best VPN in the industry, which has been attributed to its privacy, speed, and unblocking features. The teaming up of ExpressVPN and HP is a win-win for both companies. Due to this, HP customers will enjoy exceptional security and online privacy when they use ExpressVPN.


ExpressVPN has the most innovative VPN server technology in the industry. The technology operated on RAM only operates by deleting all data in every reset. The fact that the server never writes on the hard drive means that there will be minimal data breach. When the server is rebooted, the entire software stack is reinstalled. Further, ExpressVPN can establish what’s running on every server accurately without creating inconsistencies. 

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