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Emulator has made it easy for game lovers to enjoy almost any game of their choice right on their Android phones. Drastic ds Emulator is for sure one of the best emulator which allows Nintendo console users to play and enjoy same game on their Android devices. Like you already know, game developers have released thousands of games on Nintendo console. With the whole lot, individual preference still comes into play when making a game choice. The most popular ones are probably FPS (First Person Shooter),RPG and racing games, but in this post I will be showing you the best games on Drastic ds Emulator you should have on your phone.

Best Games on Drastic ds Emulator You Should Have on Your Phone

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Best Games on Drastic ds Emulator

Lots of Nintendo games have been developed and released into the market, but not everyone of them is a big hit. Gamers always want the best. Below are some of the best games that made waves and remain the highest ranking games today. Check them out.

Grand Theft Auto

The Grand Theft Auto is one of the best games on Drastic ds Emulator, and it has been widely appreciated since its first release. At the moment we have a total of eight or nine Grand Theft Auto games, and each have a little spin on the original concept. You can play two of this series (GTA IV and GTA V) on an excellent Drastic ds Emulator or just on the console. Playing GTA San Andreas is still possible, but however you can encounter some troubles.

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NOTE: the oldest GTA games are now free, and they are available for download from an official Rockstar Games website.

The Orange Box

This game is action-packed, and a five-in-one game where players kill aliens with a crowbar and other weapons while completing series of tasks that continue the fight to save the earth from aliens. The science fiction, and compelling storyline makes up the game set. The Orange Box is considered a fantastic deal with a massive amount of game play for one price tag.

Gears of War

The general idea developed into this video game, features a fight against dreadful monsters to save humanity. Gear of War, a combat game, revolutionized the virtual battlefield and it is horrifying to play. Tactical action has never been so real in a video game. This made it one of the best game on Drastic ds Emulator you should have.


BioShock is a video game casted in a city hidden underneath the ocean as the player crash lands a plane into the secret world. The game tests your gaming skills as a player, and forces tough decisions in difficult moral dilemmas.


These are some of the best games on Drastic ds Emulator. You should take note that you will probably need a suitable controller for the perfect gaming experience. A good emulator should support all top controllers. You can download the Drastic ds Emulator.

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