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Information is king, the reason why almost all the companies are into collecting data on anything and everything pertaining to their businesses and competitors. This yearning for data has opened a whole new field of data science that involves mining and interpretation of data. There are some excelled job titles under this special niche.

Defining a Data Scientist

A data scientist needs to have the attributes of a computer scientist, mathematician and trend-spotter. He or she is expected to decipher enormous amounts of data, analyze it and make sense out of it. All this to drive industries and provide insights to companies to enable them to act on it. Perforce, a data scientist acts as a medium between businesses and IT worlds.

Data Science Brings Exciting New Career Opportunities

Jobs Available Under Data Science

 There are a host of job titles that data science creates. Let us see some of them:

  1. Business Intelligence Analyst: A Business Intelligence Analyst is an asset to the company, since he or she shows the company where it stands in relation to its competitors. This the analyst does by analysing data to reveal market and business trends, and where they are taking the company.
  2. Data Mining Engineer: AData Mining Engineer is basically concerned with creating sophisticated algorithms for in-depth analysis of data. He or she not only uses this analysis for a company’s own business, but also for the third parties.
  3. Data Architect: The task of a Data Architect is to create blueprints from the inputs acquired from users, system designers and developers.These blueprints are then used by data management systems for centralizing, integrating, maintaining and protecting the data sources.
  4. Data Scientist: A Data Scientist has the onerous task of discharging several critical tasks. He or she begins by translating all cases pertaining to business into an analytics agenda. In the next step this scientist understands the data, develops hypotheses and takes steps to gauge the impact of these on businesses. Furthermore, using algorithms and business analytics, the scientist deeply analyzes the data and its future impact on a company. At the same time, he or she takes appropriate measures to steer the company in the right direction.
  5. Senior Data Scientist:It is the job of the Senior Data Scientist to foresee the future needs of any business. Not only does this scientist gather the data, he or she also systematically analyzes it to spot problems and provide solutions for them. It is the experience of such a scientist that enables him or her to create new standards in designing, use statistical data and develop more sophisticated tools for its analysis.

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Skills Required For Data Science

A career in data science requires both your acquired skills and natural attributes. As far as acquired skills are concerned, you will need to learn statistics, analysis, machine learning, Hadoop and many other such skills. It is important that you have an inclination towards critical thinking and persuasive communications, and that you possess an inborn desire to analyze and solve problems.

If you have the aptitude and like what all data science entails, go in for data science training. Once you have the requisite qualification, you can search for a data science job by making it your resume objective. Also, learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile by adding your new qualification. It would be of great help in landing such jobs.

Job Market For Data Science

Data science jobs have been termed the hottest of the decade. This is because companies are increasingly becoming data-based and it is these scientists that provide the insights to them to stay ahead of the competition. Leading companies, such as Apple, Booz Allen Hamilton, Microsoft, Oracle, State Farm, Walmart and others are hunting for data science qualified personnel to make them part of their organizations.

Forbes reported in 2016 that there wasan average of 2,900 unique job postings for Data Scientists being published monthly. McKinsey Global Institute predicts that by 2018 the job positions for Data Scientists would rise to 200,000.

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Career Prospects in Data Science

If you are thinking of taking up the job on a Data Scientist, be rest assured that you are on the right lines. This title is not only hot, but ever-growing. In future, many more job titles will be added to data science.

The Data Science professional who earns $60,000 today can expect it to increase manifold in the future. But for all this, you will need to have the right qualifications.

Educational Qualifications For Data Science

Taking up data science as a career is no cakewalk. It needs the toughest of educational requirements in the IT industry. In about 40 percent of the jobs, an advanced degree is a must.

Knowledge of skills and technologies used by Data Scientists, such as Tableau, Hadoop, R, SAS, Python, machine learning and many more is also mandatory.


If data science fascinates you, it is time you took steps to acquire the required skills and qualifications. Such qualifications reflected in resume formats ups the chances of candidates aiming to take up their preferred data science jobs.

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