Latest Content Marketing Strategies that are Trending in 2018

Each popular agency wrote about the importance of focusing on Generation Z. Generation Z is represented by people, for whom the internet is a regular phenomenon, as, for instance, a car. They have never experienced any difficulties with communication and the transfer of information through the internet.

Taking into account the results of the latest opinion polls, the representatives of Generation Z can be concentrated on something no longer than 6-8 seconds. It is less than the concentration of aquarium fish. Although, it does not mean that these people have low IQ level. The representatives of this generation are known for their ability to filter the information and understand its value in a couple of seconds. Click this page to see the other ways how young people accommodate to the fierce environment. This was achieved due to the fact that in the first 15 years of their life, people from this generation can watch up to 200 0000 ads (2017 B2B Content Marketing Trends).

Leading 2018 Content Marketing Strategies

Latest Content Marketing Strategies that are Trending in 2018


  1. Business Will Become Closer to People

What does it mean for marketers? Each publication that will slightly remind the customer of an advertisement, will be probably left without attention. On the contrary, the useful materials that can catch people’s attention, will be more effective. These trends exist and dominate nowadays, although their importance is not that stressed. Statistics show, that till 2020 Generation Z will represent 40% of all active customers (2017 B2B Content Marketing Trends).

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The pace of content marketing development is impressive. Taking into account the data from 2017 B2B research, almost 60% of marketers are successfully using content marketing strategies for the development of their companies (2017 B2B Content Marketing Trends). To compare the figures: 2016 showed only 34% of marketers using this kind of strategies. Taking this into account, nowadays, all the companies should switch from straight advertisements to the creation of interesting and catchy content. Gaining the trust of your audience is the major target of your business.

  1. Mind All Kinds of Content

You need to start with a research of interests of the target audience. Thus you will understand what kind of content is needed. Basing on this research, one can build a content marketing strategy: type, frequency and the ways of introducing.

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The endless flow of content and even a good writers team do not work anymore. You need to look for a deep and detailed approach. Just analyze, personalize and adjust your content to reach this target.

An effective strategy of content marketing is not restricted by the preparation of texts. You need to hire professionals who will be able:

  • To work with video, audio, and graphic material;
  • Optimize the content to different formats of publications;
  • Share the content;
  • Build a strategy;
  • Communicate with clients;
  • Conduct analysis and collect performance indicators.
  • The aforementioned B2B research also showed the most popular ways and platforms for your content:
  • Social media – 83%
  • Blogs – 80%
  • News – 77%
  • Offline events – 68%
  • E-Books – 65%
  • Video – 60%
  • Infographics – 58%
  • Webinars – 58% (2017 B2B Content Marketing Trends)
  1. Use Modern Technologies

Nowadays, the users have access to the internet not only through the screen of their phones. For instance, Amazon created a voice assistant – Alexa. She introduces information basing on the question-answer algorithm.

In October, 2017, Russian company Yandex introduced its voice assistant – Alise. She is quite similar to Alexa: Alise can find the information on the internet, tell you the best place for your dinner, provide with weather forecasts, etc. There is even the information on how Alise took part in video advertisement series.

  1. Build a Trusting Relationship

Users are fed up with constant ads. The level of trust concerning these ads keeps falling. More and more people tent to question the information presented in ads. The key to their trust is informational transparency. To achieve this transparency one needs to use the tricks of content marketing. Describe your work and successful cases. Add some statistics and feedback from your clients to this information.

All media content should relate to the questions of your customers. For example, on the website of Canadian McDonalds each person can leave his or her question to the company. Questions can be of different kinds: concerning the ingredients of the particular meal, the process of cooking the food etc. These questions are not only answered in time, but they usually become the base for YouTube videos. For instance, the video about BigMac sauce has been already watched by almost 6 million people.

  1. Help Your Clients Buy Your Product

The goal of content marketing is to accompany the clients through sales funnel. They should receive dosed information at each step of the decision-making process.

The main mistake of many companies is their uneven distribution of content. In the beginning, the customer is overloaded with information, but later on, companies tend to forget about their client.

Content marketing in 2018 is directed at communication with customers. Try to get to know more about them. Find out, on which stage of sales funnel each particular client is. Give him or her the information, that will lead your customer to the next stage.

  1. Stick to the Content Plan

It is extremely important to create a structured content plan with objectives and the ways of achieving them.

It is great if you know what kind of targets you want to achieve. But without in-depth planning, these aims can turn into dreams. There is even a possibility of deviation from the path to the target: when the content is not published in time, for instance. The content plan is a source of ideas, filter, and bone of all content marketing.

In 2015, only 32% of marketers were using content planning, compared to 37% in 2016.

  1. Live-Stream is a Key

Buffer conducted a survey among marketers, that showed surprising results. The survey was aimed at getting the information concerning the kinds of content that marketers would like to publish.

Webinars got only 42%, whereas live-streaming got 80% (Read). Our piece of advice is constant video-streaming on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Be closer to your customers. Tell them about the brand, make live-streams. The audience is more likely to react to this kind of content with ten times more comments, comparing to regular videos.

  1. Create a Special Content for Virtual Reality

With the development of virtual reality, content marketing got even more possibilities for creation and distribution of content.

For instance, IKEA launched a new app with additional reality for iPhones. With this app, one can place a piece of furniture in his or her own apartment before the purchase.

IDC and Digi-Capital companies made forecasts concerning the income of VR and AR devices. With these data, up to 2020, the income will reach 160 billion dollars.

  1. The Uniqueness of the Content is Extremely Important

In August, 2018, the most expensive company in the world, Apple, stated that it would invest one billion dollars in creating unique content. For many people, it seemed to be a try to occupy the part of Netflix market. We think that the situation is much more complicated. Even such a great company like Apple must follow all trends, including the uniqueness of the content.

We also know that Google buys unique content from brands and big media. With the help of unique content, Google can “teach” its algorithms.

Facebook is not lagging behind. The creators of Facebook are now thinking about creating its own show. The exact amount of money for this purpose has been not clear yet.

  1. Bloggers Turn Out to Be the Mass Media of Modern Society

Nowadays, we are witnessing the era of bloggers. There are plenty of them, with the audience, that reaches up to millions. Just create interesting content and people will start trusting your company.

The price of publishing your content on the pages of famous bloggers is high. At the same time, publishing some pieces of news through bloggers webpages can encompass a great number of people. Sometimes the audience can be much bigger than the one, encompassed by traditional mass media.

  1. Work on Your Reputation

At present, each mistake of the company becomes public. Probably all of you have heard about the posts of unsatisfied clients of Facebook. People are trying to get the feedback from the company to their negative comments. Usually, it looks like a pure manipulation. Although, the company should do nothing but react on these messages. If the company keeps being silent and ignores unsatisfied clients, it can lead to a big tragedy and even to the complete loosing of company’s reputation. To prevent this from happening, companies should react to negative messages, encourage positive ones and respond to people’s request if they need some help or clarifications.

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We think that there are more and more companies in 2018 that are constantly tracking the comments on them in different social media. At least, 2017 proved this trend to be extremely important.

  1. Finally: Mobile Devices Customization

Most of the people are visiting websites of different companies through their phones. Thus, the attention of developers should be focused on customizing the apps to mobile devices. Technologies keep moving with the development of voice bots, sign language and so on. Developers are paying great attention to these phenomena and the trend will keep leading in 2018.

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