Android P (Pie) 9.0 Has Been Released; See its Notable Features

Just last week, Google officially released the Android 9.0, and it is named Android Pie, or Android P for short. The existing Google Pixel phones have already started receiving the updates. The other phones that took part in the Android P beta program will eventually get the update in the nearest future.

The quote below is a statement coined from Google blog:

Devices that participated in the Beta program from Sony Mobile, Xiaomi, HMD Global, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, and Essential, as well as all qualifying Android One devices, will receive this update by the end of this fall! We are also working with a number of other partners to launch or upgrade devices to Android 9 this year,

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Now let me show you some notable features of Android P.

Android P Features

Below are some of the best Android P features.

Android P (Pie) 9.0 Has Been Released; See its Notable Features

  1. Gesture-based Navigation

Android followed the steps of Apple in allowing support for gesture-based navigation, as it was seen on iPhone X. When uses swipes from the home button, the multitasking menu pops up. Further swipe or a long swipe will take the user to app drawer.

2. Indoor Maps

Android P will have support for something known as WiFi Round Trip Time (RTT) which guides users to access points. With this feature, the location accuracy of the device will be 1 to 2 metres.

  1. Improved Security

Android P also came with improved security and privacy features. Google worked especially on biometrics a many devices are looking for support methods such as IRIS and Face Unlock.

  1. Slices

Slices are the part of the apps which surfaces when you’re searching for an app. For instance, if you’re searching for Uber, the option to call an Uber to home or work will appear in the search itself.

  1. Wellbeing

  2. Dashboard

Android P will give you a detailed dashboard to allow you to peek into your app usage. The idea is to use your phone less than usual.

  1. App timer

Under project well being, Google will allow you to set timers on how much you can use an app in a day. Once that time is passed the icon of the app will be greyed out

  1. New Do not disturb mode

Earlier do not disturb mode kept the phone on silent but sometimes the notifications still popped out to wake the screen up. Now there will be no visual interruptions as well.

  1. Wind down

This mode is for when you’re ready to go to bed. It will switch on Do not disturb mode and turn the display to greyscale for your defined bedtime.

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