Android P New Feature Prevents Background Apps From Secretly Using Your Camera and Mics

Android P, the next Google’s Android version, might be launched in few weeks from today. but there are some exciting features of it that are already made known. The open nature of Android has revealed a brand new feature of Android P that is bound to make lots of Android users happy.

Before now, most Android users are concerned about how apps secretly obtain data through their cameras and microphones. Well, the good news is that the Google team have addressed that major concern as the upcoming Android P will prevent background apps from gaining access to both your phone cameras and microphones as well.

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A fresh commit that has surfaced on Android’s Open Source project revealed that apps running in the background will be hindered access to your device’s camera. To make this feature work, Google will make use of an app’s User ID (UID), which Android assigns to each app that gets installed on your device. The Android operating system will then identify UIDs which are “idle” and if there are any such UIDs trying to access the camera, the operating system will generate an error and prevent access to the camera. Subsequent camera request from the inactive UID will also immediately generate an error.

Android P New Feature Prevents Background Apps From Secretly Using Your Camera and Mics

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In addition, Google has implemented a significant change in the process of giving microphone access to apps, and it will be featured in the Android P too. A similar claim on the Open source project gave an explanation on Android P’s feature that will allow apps record in the background but report empty data until the app is active. What this process actually mean is that voice chat client will be able to function smoothly, malware will have a tough time passing through the new system.

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This is not the first time of having major news on Android P. Just last week, Google gave a report on how they are planning to optimise Android P in accordance phones with an iPhone X-like notch and a foldable display. To add to that, there was also a report that Android P will have tighter digital integration and a significant improvement in battery life.

In conclusion, since Google is planning to address such a major security concern, it speaks of their intentions of making the Android experience not only user friendly but also safe and secure for users.

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