Android 8.0 Oreo Set To Come With “Streaming OS Update” Features

The Android 8.0 Oreo operating system have just been announced, and one of the outstanding feature it is coming with is the “Streaming OS Update”. I know you might be asking what this feature is all about. Well, my good news is that it is for the benefit of many users on Android devices today.

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I guess you might have find yourself in a situation where you probably wanted to download an update on your smartphone or even an app, and you suddenly get this annoying notification pop up that says “your memory is full”, fee up some storage space to continue.  This is the good news, Google has devised a means of eradicating that “no more space” error forever, by introducing the Streaming OS Update for the Android 8.

Android 8.0 Oreo Set To Come With “Streaming OS Update" Features

According to the latest Android documentation, Google is cooking up some scheme to make sure that an insufficient space error will never stop the Android 8 Oreo update.

Streaming OS Update is a the latest feature build into Android 8.0, but there is also another report that says Google is also back porting the feature to Google Play Services. This will enable the feature on “Android 7.0” and later devices with a dual system partition setup.

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Conclusively, this Streaming OS Update feature will enable you to download updates to your phone even when you have little or no storage space. So, what are your thoughts about his new feature from Google? Kindly make your contribution by using the comment box below.

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